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Learning how to make money affiliate marketing is a very, very popular topic of discussion in this age of internet marketing. People want to know how to work from home, (or if you’re like me you want to know how to work from anywhere), and because of this, being able to work from your laptop can be huge.

Getting the right training is key, so I want to share with you the training that has helped me build my own business that is now earning me $4k/month in less than a year.

What is Affiliate Marketing and Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is all about connecting people with the products or services they’re already looking for. And the proof that it works is that in my search for training on how to build a business online, I found an article that connected me to, in my opinion, the best training and mentoring community you can find.

Wealthy Affiliate is that community, and after creating my free starter account I now have a website that is funding my travels in less than a year.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate thoroughly trains you on the 4 keys steps to being successful with affiliate marketing. The 4 steps are:

  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Building a professional website
  • Attracting visitors by posting quality content relevant to your target audience’s keyword searches
  • Turning that organic traffic into conversions and consistent monthly revenue

After you create your free starter account you are trained step by step on how to turn your passion into revenue. Wealthy Affiliate fully explains affiliate marketing and helps you to build your professional website in minutes. And this isn’t a cookie cutter website. This is YOUR unique vision come to life with thousands of themes to choose from to make this site exactly what you want it to be.

You are trained thoroughly in the art of creating quality SEO friendly content. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Do you think it’s a coincidence that some bloggers get ranked consistently higher in Google searches than others? It’s through keyword research that these bloggers know how to structure their blog post so that their target audience finds it when they perform a Google search.

And now with the absolute best keyword research tool for blogging integrated directly into Wealthy Affiliate, you can’t go wrong. Jaaxy is this keyword tool, and it is the best tool you can have in your arsenal to be successful with building traffic to your blog. When you create your free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, you are given access and trained on how to use this keyword tool effectively and for profit. Jaaxy is hands down the best keyword research tool for building a business online.

How Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

When you create quality content that connects your audience to what they’re looking for, they will click on an affiliate link you place in your post to make their purchase from the merchant you connect them to. When they do this, you, as the affiliate marketer, earn a commission.

When you understand how to get your posts ranking high in Google searches, this means you are getting major traffic to your posts. With traffic comes opportunity, and when hundreds are visiting your posts each month, you only need a fraction of them to click through and make a purchase for affiliate marketing to become a very lucrative business for you.

Wealthy Affiliate trains you on exactly how to do this. No matter if you’re a beginner or someone with experience, you can build your own affiliate marketing business and scale it to a level that can bring you full time income.

Create your free starter account and see if this training is for you. You deserve an opportunity like this. Whether you’re someone who is looking for a way to work from home or abroad, the community and training at Wealthy Affiliate truly delivers.

In less than a year I’ve been able to have real success and I’m just one of hundreds of thousands of wealthy affiliate success stories right here in this incredible community. With real mentors available to help you every step of the way, this is the community you’ve been looking for.

Knowing how to make money with affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. When you pair your strong desire to make money online with a focus and drive to succeed, the training you’ll find right here at Wealthy Affiliate will set you up for real success.



Work From Home Opportunity

One way to never have to worry about your credit score, Nor having enough income to pay all of your monthly bills….is to start a Home Business.

All of us have dreamed of being our own boss at some point in time.  Many of us hate our Boss and hate working for some large corporation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn 100% income from the work you do?

We have the answer.  We have done this ourselves.  We have been successful.  We are earning a nice passive income working from home.

The platform that we recommend is called Wealthy Affiliate.  By platform, we mean the website that will teach you and train you how to earn a living

working from home.  All you need is an internet connection and a computer.  THATS IT.

Like I said, we are doing this right now and we are successful.  We are sharing this with you because we believe that anyone who wants to be self-employed and has the passion to do so, should do it.  But, do it the right way.  There are too many SCAMS out there taking people’s money.

work at home


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides you easy training to begin an Affiliate Marketing online business.

It is FREE to start and easy to follow.   You do NOT need any technical experience or writing skills.  Although, they will help if you have them.

Basically, affiliate marketing means that you will be referring Readers of your website blog to a 3rd party company who will then pay you commission for doing so.

How Do I Start Working At Home?

Here is the short version since there is a lot to all of this.

Basically what you would do is choose a niche idea that you are passionate about.  It could be pets or dogs.  It could be cooking.  It could be cars or photography.

It really does not matter what your niche is, since you can make money using any niche.  The key is to get as many people to your website blog as possible.  And, that is where the training comes in handy.

Or, you can do what a lot of others do and once you are set up….you can be paid a commission to help others sign up and do the same thing you are doing at WA.

Once you choose a niche you are excited about, you will begin the training.  At this point, WA will help you choose a website design and theme.  There are thousands of themes to choose from and you can customize them so that there is no other website blog like yours.

It is very easy to do using ‘drag n drop’ option.  Again, NO IT technical experience is needed.  ANYONE CAN DO THIS YOUNG OR OLD.

What you need is patience and persistence.

Once WA helps you set up your website blog, you begin writing and putting up helpful, quality articles.  These are called Posts.   You begin Posting articles on your website every day or as often as possible.  You are giving helpful information to people who are interested in it.

You do NOT have to be an expert in your niche field.  You can research it yourself, learn all about it and then form it into a well written article.  You then post this and share it across social media.  This will attract Users across the world to click on your Post and visit your website blog.

At this point, once you establish traffic coming to your site….you will have placed strategic 3rd party Ad banners throughout your website blog.  You can put them within Articles or on your SIDE BAR or FOOTER of your site.

When your Readers click on these 3rd party Ads  (these are the affiliate companies you will sign up with), then you get paid a commission.

That is the gist of what Affiliate Marketing is.  It takes months and sometimes years to earn a steady income, but the sky is the limit.  It is possible and we are doing it.

We would NOT be recommending this home business opportunity if we did not believe in it.  This is NO SCAM and NO BS.


If you are interested…simply click the banner ad above and go straight to Wealthy Affiliate.  Sign up and get started.  It is FREE.

Thank you for sharing this Post and helping others learn how to make a passive income from home. Registered & Protected UENH-5UXS-CXXY-R97U


Making Money Online Isn’t Magic!

Its just not!  However, it DOES take time.  One may get lucky with a fantastic niche site idea and really make fast progress, but for the most is going to take months before you start seeing steady success.

What does success mean to you?  The purpose of your niche site will depend on how important the timing is.  For example, if you wish to build a site for a church or organization and you simply need a good site for member to get updates and information from…then you can build a successful site in a matter of a week.

But, if you have a strong desire to work at home full time and quite your job, then you will need to be very patient.  You are going to have to work hard nearly every day, writing Posts and managing your Site for at least 6 months straight.  Then, the magic will happen if you have followed the training and advice.

One main reason why it takes at least 6 months  (6 months is an educated, experienced guess), is that in order to get massive traffic to your site,  you need Google Search Engine system to rank you high.  For Google to rank your site high, they need to trust your site.

Many sites will pop up and go away in 2-3 months.  Google HATES this.  Because of this, Google will monitor your site for 6 months and see how updated and active it remains during this period of time.  If you have done what you are trained and learned on Wealthy Affiliate, then Google will take you serious and rank you higher in the results.

What we mean by ‘rank you higher in Google results’ is this:  90% of internet users go to Google Search to find what they are looking for.  We have all done this many, many times.  If you type in “Best Pizza”, Google is going to surf through its trusted, indexed websites and scan through Posts and content looking for the most accurate and related “best pizza” sites to provide to you.  Google lists 10 site links per page of search engine results.  If your site is NOT listed in those 1-4 pages (pages of 10 sites), then your site will simply NEVER be seen by the masses of internet users.

It is very competitive, because for most of the major niche ideas, there are over 3 million different sites.  Each of these 3 million are all fighting to be listed in the top pages of search results based on key word phrases and search done by users.

There is training and coaching by the best internet experts within Wealthy Affiliate to help you build a site that gets ranked the highest.  This is your best chance at becoming successful at affiliate marketing.


Work From Home

Earn Revenues If You Work From Home

Use your Facebook addiction to perform affiliate marketing.  This is known as marketing or advertising for 3rd parties.  Have you ever thought about working from home?  Would you like a passive income by working from home?

The entire goal is to receive traffic to your site or blog. To accomplish this, Facebook becomes a gift.  You can use your Facebook addiction to earn you revenues by sharing Posts and getting users to flow to your site.

Once they are on your site.  The design and writings known as articles and Posts will keep them scrolling around.  If you build an authoritative site, you can either help people, or provide interesting information based on your niche interest.

Once again we can speak from experience that this opportunity that we are about to introduce you to is real and authentic.  This is NOT a scam, nor a get rich quick scheme.  This is a real opportunity that can thrust you into a future of prosperity and financial independence if you choose.  The best way to make sure you can pay your bills online and maintain the highest credit scores, is to make sure that you have enough income coming in each and every month.  This opportunity helps you to ensure you have plenty of income every month.  It will take some hard work and time to implement, but if you really want to be successful and you have the determination to do so, then we are here to help you accomplish this.  There is nothing better than to work from home.


work from home


What Is Work From Home Affiliate Marketing?

This type of marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.   You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.  Does this sound difficult?   Well, it really isn’t.  I speak from experience.   I can tell you that this is NOT difficult and this opportunity is real otherwise I would NOT be recommending it to anyone.   I have gone through the teachings, I have built numerous website/blogs.   I am attracting visitors to my sites and helping people along the way.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing means that you basically pick a niche topic that you are interested in.  Then, use a simple platform that we provide to help you build a website or blog.   It was very fun and interesting building my sites.  *Note:  You do not need any technical background or coding knowledge in order to build awesome, customized sites.   The platform we provide you contains all the tools needed to start an online business, operate the business and monetize the sites which means that you earn commissions from referring 3rd party products to others.  You can also earn money via click ads on your site.  There are many different ways to earn money on your site and all of this is presented to you in great detail on

work from home

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of a website that provides everything you need to get started and earn money online.  All that you need is an internet connection and a PC.  That’s it!  Anyone can do this.  The best part is that it cost basically NOTHING to get started.  There are very little start up costs needed unlike trying to start any other business from scratch.  Actually, we allow you to get started 100% for FREE.  You can go through most of the program (courses and step-by-step training) and build 2 different website blogs at absolutely NO COST.  Then, you can decide if you wish to proceed further and make something of this.  At that point, Wealthy Affiliate  does charge a monthly fee to use its platform and build as many as 25 different independent or related sites.  At a  hefty discount, you can pay for the year upfront.  This is the option that I took because I knew that I was never going to stop working on my blog sites.  I love doing it, and it keeps me very busy and pre-occupied.  (Just as a reference, because I hate when people dont give you the upfront costs of something….I paid about $340 for a 12 month membership to wealthy affiliate.  I earned this back in the first month also!).

Why Should You Get Into Affiliate Marketing Working From Home?

  1. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most easiest and fastest ways to make passive income each and every month.  Whether you want to make a few hundred extra bucks part-time, Or build a million dollar online empire full-time,…this business opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to do it.
  2. You can work from comfort of your own home, or anywhere that you have internet access.  Go to the beach and mountains and accomplish the same tasks that you would at home.
  3. As an affiliate marketer, you are earning a commission for selling someone else’s product or service.  You don’t have to do any product fulfillment, customer service, billing or product creation.
  4. The playing field on the internet is still level meaning that a beginner like you can often compete with, and often out perform, large companies.  We give you the tools to do this.  This may be hard to believe right now, but it is very true.
  5. The barrier to entry into online affiliate marketing is low since it takes a surprisingly small amount of money to get started.
  6. Affiliate marketing has a very bright outlook.  The internet marketing industry is fore-casted to grow to 7 billion dollars per year in the next 5 year period.

The bottom line is that affiliate marketing is the most enjoyable way to make money working from home that I have ever seen.

  • Are you tired of working a 9-to-5 job?
  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Is your boss a pain in the bum?
  • Are you tired of making money for OTHER people?
  • Is your credit scores bad because you don’t earn enough money?
  • Are you tired of a boring job that gives you no gratification?

If any of these are true, then please consider this opportunity.  Anyone can take advantage of it.  The training courses, videos and step-by-step teachings presented by Weathly Affiliate are top-notch.  They are so detailed and easy to learn that a 10 year old could accomplish this.  As a matter of fact there are numerous younger adults as members on Wealthy Affiliate who have built successful site/blogs and now earn money each month.  The sky is the limit.  We would NOT be presenting this opportunity to you, if it was a scam or contained any false or misleading information.

What Next?   Do you Want To Work From Home?

Lets just say that we have captured your attention.  You might be asking yourself how do I start.  Below is an example of your first 7 days.  After you go to online and sign up to start your FREE TRIAL membership, you can begin on the steps below. In addition, you are going to be following the step-by-step training and coaching that Wealthy Affiliate provides you on their site.  They are amazing trainers.  Their courses are so well created and presented that a 10 year old child can learn and execute.

Your First 7 Days  (example)

Day 1 –  Planning Your Online World Domination.  Set Goals, write them down, set up systems to help you reach your goals.

Day 2 –  Researching & Choosing Your First Niche – This is you deciding on what interests you most.  You will be writing and providing content about this niche topic on your site.

Day 3 –  Choose Your Domain Name and Use the instructions on WA (Wealthy Affiliate) to start building your site.  You can choose from a pre-made template called a ‘theme’ to start.  Then you can customize as much as you want.  Purchasing a domain name costs about $9 per year and you can do this right on the WA site.

Day 4 –  Setting Up Your New Website – So that it gets found.  You will sign up with Google Console so that your site(s) can be indexed and listed on their search engine results.

Day 5 –  Creating Content For Your Site – This is most important.  Almost every day you will need to Post new content. This basically means that you write articles or provide other helpful content that your users are looking for.  You do NOT need to be an expert writer on any topic.  You can do the research yourself and learn about what you will write about.  Then present to your users.  For example, your site might be about photography.  One of your Posts would be you writing a review about a new camera that came out.  You would research it, and then write the Pros/Cons about the camera and provide pricing and a link to send your users to in order to purchase it.  If they purchase it, you are paid a commission.  This is only one of many examples on how to make money on your site/blog.

Day 6 –  Start Building Your Own Money Making List – This means that you will want to be capturing the email addresses of your website visitors so that you can email them in the future and keep them coming back to your site.  This email list is the key to earning the most income via your site.  Essentially capturing an email address means that the user is becoming a member of your site.

Day 7 –   Getting Initial Traffic To Your Site – Use social media to gain an audience.

The Wealthy Affiliate site goes into much more detail than the 7 days listed above.  They have countless courses, videos, training on how to accomplish the tasks listed per day above.  This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.  My greatest advice (coming from someone who has successful online websites after completing the WA training) would be to NEVER GIVE UP.  Just like you can Never Give Up when it comes to recovering from opiate addiction, you can never give up on your business endeavors.  If you decide to move forward with this opportunity, make a commitment to yourself that when the ‘going gets tough’  you are NOT going to ever quit.  We say this because building online sites that earn you revenue take time to accomplish.  This is not a get rich quick scam.  You will be spending a lot of time upfront without much reward.  It will takes weeks and months to get your site/blogs all situated and finalized before you begin to monetize them.  It takes a lot of patience waiting for unique visitors to start coming to your sites, providing you their emails, reading your Posts, sharing your articles, and returning to your site looking for updated content.  It simply takes time before you reap any of the benefits.  However, if you do NOT give up no matter what happens,…your reward will be massive in the end.  Eventually, your site(s) will produce more income than you can imagine.  If you would like to proceed, simply click one of the banners below: Registered & Protected DIKU-0KUW-0LTO-Y1NJ


Below is a Post from someone who joined  This is a first-hand account that you can read about to learn more about this work-from-home business opportunity.

Its a phenomenal opportunity that you do not want to pass up.  This is for anyone of any age.  If you are a stay at home Mother or Father, or you would like some extra income…check out Click this link.

“I was looking on line for a way to work from home…..this would enable me to have a better work life balance. During the time i was searching on Google i came across a website which identified scams online. When reading a blog on this website i came across Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that it is free for 7days. I thought its a no brainer it only costs my time…. & within i think it was 4 or 5 days I had watched some amazing training and actually thought you know what i can do this.

The training really does walk you through each step and gives examples of how to achieve what you are learning in the training, you can even pause the videos to go and try it out. If you get stuck you can rewind the video, for me this way of learning is brilliant.

I have learned how to

Identify a niche that i am passionate about which is Pet Healing Blankets, set up my website, find keywords, get feedback on my website, post comments for other websites, how to make my gravatar, set up a google + account and much more.

For some of you, this might seem easy or straight forward to do. I can tell you for me this is massive, yes sure i can find my way around FB, Instagram and Twitter. Building your own website is a whole other level. Then to actually start publishing your content is very scary, what if people don’t like your niche or what you’ve worked hard on in developing your website. I have been gob smacked totally! every one here at WA is so helpful and actually come up with ideas i hadn’t thought of. The community support is fantastic!

I have learnt all of this within 11 days wow….wow…

I have taken advantage of the special price to be a premium member for $19.00 for the first month ( this was a no brainer decision )

Whats in store for me in the next 3 months, I would like to learn how to promote affiliate companies on my website. I would like to make a sale form my website. I would like to improve my ambassador rank and help more people.

What i would like to achieve in the next 6 months I would like to achieve 1st page listing on google search engines.

Thanks for reading and i hope your journey is going great.

Have a fab day ;0)”


work from home

Many people dream about owning their own business.  Some people accomplish this and others never do.  What does it take to create your own business and be successful at it?

How much money does it take to start a business?  Usually it takes a good amount of capital to start a business from scratch.  Or, some people purchase existing businesses which is the most expensive way to go.

There are also franchises, like Subway, that you can own for a mere $250K.

Or, you can do what we did.   You can be super smart about this and start your own online business for FREE.  Yea, that’s right…you can start a real, legitimate business that requires no experience or capital to begin.  Its called affiliate marketing.  What you basically do is create website/ blogs.  This requires absolutely NO IT or computer programming experience.  All you need is a computer, internet connection and time.  Well, you will need some determination and passion if you want to succeed, but we will get to that later.

Affiliate marketing means that you will be promoting 3rd party products on your website blogs.  For example, this is sort of like you being the Super Bowl and companies paying you to put their commercial ads up on your Super Bowl broadcast.  It is the same idea as this.

You start by visiting the best affiliate marketing platform online.  We would not recommend that you use any other company other than Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a top-notch beginning to end platform that teaches you everything you need to know in order to manage successful website blogs.  You even build and daily manage your sites through WA.

Aside from all the training and video courses, you will first need to decide on a niche topic.  This means that you need to figure out what you are passionate about in life.   Because you are going to be spending a lot of time writing and researching whatever topic you choose.

For example, if you love dogs,…you might build a website blog called “Black Labs”.  Or, if you are a car enthusiast you might develop a site blog called “Porsches Rock The Road”.  These are just some quick examples.  The point is that you can generate revenues via affiliate marketing no matter what the topic is.  You can make money using any subject under the sun.

The key to making decent income from these sites is building up a flow of internet traffic.  You need lots of people coming to your site and scrolling around on it and clicking on your 3rd person ads so that you can make commissions.  That is the gist of it.  Easier said than done.  But NOT complicated, NOT a SCAM like many other internet businesses and it is very legitimate.

We have been doing this now for about a year and we are generating enough income to quit our day 9 to 5pm at job.  We make this our full-time career because we totally love it.

We have complete flexibility as far as time goes.  We are our own Boss.  No one tells us what to do anymore.  We set our schedule.  We earn a passive income 24 hours a day in a global market.

We love to write and research topics that we can help other people with.  You do not need to be an expert on your chosen niche topic.  This is important.  Do not feel like you don’t have enough experience for a certain topic that you are thinking about choosing.

No one is an expert on any niche until they dive in and start researching and writing about it.  That is all you have to be able to do.  Read articles and create a bullet list of ideas that you wish to write about.  Form them into a Post with several paragraphs and utilize the most valuable ‘key words’.

You will learn about key words in the WA training.  Basically what they are is words or phrases that the general public use while punching a search into Google.  They are the specific wording or phrases that most people use.  If you place these same words into your Posts and on your site…you improve the chances of Google ranking you higher on a search list.

To gain the most traffic you will need to get ranked high on Google.  This means that your site will need to be listed in one of the first 5 pages of any search results done by an internet user.  WHY?  Because your site has to be seen by many people and used by many people in order to generate commissions and revenues from your 3rd party ads.

But, do not worry…there are many tactics and methods for increasing your web traffic that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  But, its real and legit.  You can build a life-long business online that will pay you passive ‘dividends’ for the rest of your life.

You have to put the hard time and energy in upfront before the rewards come.  Its like planting a seed, manicuring and watering it for many months and then your plant will bloom.  This is comparable.

It might take you 6 months of working on  your site(s) and writing articles before you see a steady income.  You will work for free for many months at the beginning.  Many people quit because of this.  But, those that do not give up no matter what will reap the most reward.  Is that you?

Stay at home mothers or fathers, college grads, side income, retirement folks…anyone is capable of doing this business full or part time.

The sky is the limit.  What will you choose to do?





Brought To You By:   Colossus Affiliate


facebbok addiction

This is no joke.  This is a serious ‘illness’.  Of course there are far worse addictions than Facebook…it is still a life-altering habit that is simply not good.

But, we can help you turn your Facebook addiction around for the better.  Turn it into business.  Now, I know that many people will be hesitant to bother their Facebook friends about business, however…do you want to make side income or not?  

There is a proper way to use Facebook for business and not cross the line of taking advantage of the social aspect.  We know that Facebook is suppose to be a social network for pleasure.  However, there are Facebook pages dedicated to  business purposes.  And, they are FREE.

The best way to reach the most people is by using Facebook and other social media platforms.  You can be subtle and come across as recommending something.  Helping other people through social interaction to discover business products and opportunities.   There is nothing wrong with this.

Most everyone is using their social media Facebook account for some kind of business purpose.  We all do it.  So, do not be worried that you will breach the unsaid rules of keeping business out of your social life.

Facebbok Addict

Did you know that there is an actual disorder related to a Facebook addiction?  Its called “Facebook Addiction Disorder” or F.A.D.

Like we mentioned, this is NOT a joke or something to laugh about.  People are having their lives disrupted because of Facebook.  If you can turn it around and use it to make an income, then you have justified your addiction.   You can use it for the better.

Best of all, you can keep your Facebook Addiction intact.  There is no need to take a break from it, like many counselors would suggest.

If Facebook is interrupting your life, think about turning it into income.  We are happy to show you how since we have done this for ourselves.  And, it works.

We would like to introduce an online business opportunity.  It is called ‘Affiliate Marketing’.  We stumbled upon it a few years ago when we were looking for business projects online.

We found a site called Wealthy Affiliate.  At this point, we began to research exactly what Wealthy affiliate was all about.  We read reviews and talked to existing members of this site.

WA is actually a platform and training course.  They teach you how to build an online empire from beginning to end.  Their training and courses are top-notch.

They are experts in this field and in turn have organized their information into training classes and videos.  You can learn all that you need to learn right here on the WA website.

The marketing business itself involves you designing and building websites & blogs.  Its all based on a niche topic that you choose.  Think about something that you are passionate about.  For example, dogs, cars, traveling, children, exercise, or theater.

Once you have chosen a niche topic, you will build a website blog that will encompass your niche idea.  WA totally helps you build the most awesome, customized website that millions of internet users will eventually come to.

This is how you earn revenue.  Once you get  traffic coming to your website, the users will click on your 3rd party ads.  You make a commission when this happens.  WA teaches you how to obtain 3rd party advertisements and banners.  And, where to place them on your website for the most benefit.

It is easy.  It is NOT complicated although it might sound this way.  We knew nothing about building websites or coding.  We have no information technology background whatsoever.  All we had was a computer and an internet connection.  THIS IS ALL YOU NEED.

The best part about starting your own marketing business online is that it is 100% FREE.  There is no capital investment to be made.  You start this business with no upfront money and only your computer at hand.

It takes time and persistence to be successful at this.  It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  Those kinds of get rich overnight do not exists therefore you should never buy into those.

This is a business that will make you a passive income for the rest of your life.  If you set your goals high enough, you can even make this your full-time job.  This is exactly what I have done.  Because I am successful at affiliate marketing now, I have made this my daily job.  This is all I do now.  And, I LOVE IT!  I work from home or Starbucks if I feel inclined and need to get out of the house.  I am my own Boss.  No one tells me what to do.  I earn every single dollar that my hard work creates.  I am NOT making other people money like a 9-to-5 job would do.

Sounding interesting?  Do you want to know more?  You need no IT experience or website coding skills.  Building websites is very easy and fun.  Its a drag-n-drop type atmosphere that makes it so that people of all ages can design and build a website blog.  You could be 11 years old and build the most awesome site.  Or, you could be a retired 75 year old with little experience on computers and still drag and drop your website into place.

Check out the websites that we have built using the platform.  Again, its FREE to start and build 2 different sites.  Then, you can become a premium member at a reasonable cost if you wish to build more than 2 sites like we did.

We plan to design and build even more sites because we are allowed up to 50 within our ‘Premium’ membership.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing.  It takes at least 6 months to ramp up and achieve a steady flow of internet traffic.  You must be patient.  But, eventually things will flow and you will begin to earn a monthly income.


Some people might be asking why should they work from home.  While others can easily answer this question.  Most people would love the opportunity to have a home office and create their own working hours.

To not have to answer to a manager or boss creates motivation and determination to succeed.  People who are self-starters have a perfect opportunity to work from home by starting an online business.

Its called ‘affiliate marketing’.  In a nutshell,  you would create a website or blog about a topic that you are most interested in.  You would then write and put up helpful information while gathering members and traffic from the internet.  While users come and read your Posts they may also click on your 3rd party ads and banners throughout your site.  If they do that,…you get paid a commission.

So, you maintain a website blog every day and you advertise or market 3rd party products.  When users of your site click on ads or make a purchase you get paid income.  This is called passive income because you can be making money while you sleep.  And, your site could attract users world-wide.

This means that the income potential is endless.  This is NOT a get rich quick SCAM, nor does income happen fast.  It takes months and months of writing articles and Posting helpful content before you really start to get steady internet traffic.

You want Google to list your site high up on the search results so that more users will find your site.  In order for this to happen, you need training.

Its called SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  There is an entire process to SEO and being successful at it.  We use a platform called Wealthy Affiliate to design and build all of our sites as well as receive top-notch training and video courses from Wealthy Affiliate that taught us how to do affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate  is the best online company to learn how to be successful at affiliate marketing.  They will train you from top to bottom.  Not only training, but you actually begin building your website blogs right at WA.

To start an online business is total FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.  You are able to build two different website blogs at no cost.  You can also go through 80% of the training for FREE.  No experience or computer programming is needed to build the best unique websites.  It is a drag-n-drop type process that makes it very easy to customize and build any website.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection.  Plus some determination and patience.  Your business will launch and you will be a work from home happy person.  No boss, except yourself.  No 9-to5 pm work schedule.  You would have complete flexibility.

Check out the Ads below and give it a try!.  We did and it was the best decision that we ever made.  We are making income working from home and this was always our dream.  It came true and it can for you, too.


I absolutely HATE scams.  People have tried to scam me, but luckily I have never lost any money.  One time someone claimed to buy my Toyota SUV. They actually mailed me a certified check in the mail.  However, I was skeptical because they also sent MORE than what the final buying price was. They asked me to wire them back the difference so they could pay for the shipping and pick up of the car I was selling.

I took the check to my bank and within days they confirmed that no bank existed from where the certified check came from.  It was a complete fraudulent scam.  The police would not do anything because they said they didn’t have the resources and had to focus on more dire crimes.

I was pissed that someone tried to scam me knowing that its a numbers game.  If they don’t scam me, they will be successful with someone else.  Its sad and did-honest.

The same scams are happing online with “how tos”.  How to make money online with a new start up business.  The problem is that too many people are trying to sell the secrets of how to make money online with no tangible product.  A company like Digital Altitude is a complete MLM Scam.  They sell memberships to a database of training courses. The way you make money is by selling the same membership to the training courses that someone convinced you to sign up for.

BE CAREFUL of these scams. They claim to make you wealthy, however the only people making real money are the leaders who created the MLM scam in the first place.  All the others just pay large amounts of money in the hope of getting rich, but then they never do and their money is gone.

We are here to recommend the only real online platform for starting a business at home and online.  Its called affiliate marketing and it is legit.  Or at least this company Wealthy Affiliate is legit.  They do offer the best top to bottom training in the world.  Trust me, I have gone through it all several times and I have been running my affiliate online business for over a year now. I am finally making money although nothing happens quick.  It takes hard work, patience and time.  BUT, IT IS REAL.  You can develop a passive income if you are strong enough to stick with it for months while not making any income.

Go to Wealthy Affiliate and check it out for yourself.  Its FREE to start and build 2 sites.  Pick a niche topic that you are passionate about because you are going to be writing and providing helpful information to others via your site.  You will then get traffic to your site and the users will click on your 3rd party ads that you place.  This is how you make commissions.  Companies like Amazon will pay you a commission if you link users over to their site and they make purchases.